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Write the Words
You Need to Hear

Your creative spirit is not dictated by the quantity of your output. Every person's process differs. There will be water when your muse wills it.

Create for yourself, first and foremost, potential audience be damned. It is excruciating to get others to care, let alone as much as you do; that latter effort is a fool's errand. Keep the fire stoked and feed it fuel when you can, but by all means, feed it.

Don't fear failure, fear never beginning. Never turning the ignition is a guaranteed method of staying put.

Strive to critique, not simply nitpick. Analyze and provide feedback of actual value.

Consume art as you would food. Indulge periodically, but sustain yourself with the appropriate nutrients. Read things that challenge you. Watch things that give you perspective. Listen to stories that are unfamiliar and teach you things you don't know.

Above all else, keep your promises to yourself. If you can't trust yourself it's folly to expect others to do so.


Write the Words You Need to Hear.

I'm here for a reason. I know it's hard to understand but I'm here to make you realize just how strong you are. Don't run away from me. And most of all, please don't hide me. Let's slow down together. We can reflect and relax. We won't be around together forever but you'll hold a special spot in your mind for me once I'm gone. 

Write a Love Letter from Your Fear

~ Hilary

Write a Love Letter from your Fear.