You've put the words on paper, now what?

I’ve written about ideas on how to Set the Mood and Put your Words on Paper. Today, it’s all about the Afterparty! 

Perhaps one of my writing prompts motivated you to write a 2-page letter to your dog about your annoying counsellor summer camp. Cool. What now? 

First of all, take a minute to thank yourself for making time to complete this activity. Whether this was your first time writing this way or your 187th, you have created a deeper connection with yourself through a handful of words. 

What you do with those words now, is completely up to you. Here are some suggestions:

  • Save them. I have an entire bookshelf full of old notebooks with a wide range of writing styles, tear stains, doodles, goals and grievances. Sometimes I go back and read them or build off them for new writings. Mostly, I just like knowing they are there. You may decide to come back to them later in the day, the week or a year from now. Perhaps you’ll expand on what you started and use this piece of writing as a starting point. Play leap frog!


  • Destroy them. Rip your paper up into 93 pieces and drop them in garbage cans across the city. Or light some sage, thank these words for providing you with some insight and burn them to the ground. (Check out the video below for more detail)


  • Share them. Post them on social media you’ll inspire more people than you know. (tag @openskystories – I’d love to read them!) Read your words to a friend. This is especially great if they’ve also done the activity. It can be pretty cool to compare the similarities and differences in how you’ve each made this activity your own. Put them in an envelope and send them in the mail – imagine the joy you’ll bring to someone when they receive your special words in their mailbox.

The point is, take this as seriously as you want. There are zero obligations or expectations. I have saved, garbaged and shared a variety of pieces. I've even been known to set some especially poignant pieces on fire in ceremonious style. Only you’ll know what’s right for you – go with that. 

Have you ever had a burning ceremony? In a nutshell, you write something down & burn it.


Typically, there are two different types of writing that you burn:


1. Things you want to purge/release (fears, regrets, guilt, past relationships/ behaviors) basically anything you don’t want in your life anymore.

2. Things you want to manifest/invoke (desires, love, financial freedom) basically anything you want more of in your life.


There are hundreds of ways to do this. Many are drenched in deep & sacred tradition.But I just do what feels right in the moment. Here‘s a rough guide - feel free to use what works for you.


Before I begin, I ground myself. This means that I try to come from the calmest place I have to offer. Burning things when you’re fired up (pun intended) is not advisable. I think it fu*ks with your mojo. I breathe deeply & focus.


tend to do it at night and if there’s a full moon - even better.


My preference is to have sage burning (I make my own smudging sticks using sage from my garden. Want one? hit me up!) Incense works too & candles are nice.


I have a stash of stones that I keep nearby - some are gemstones, but most are just stones I have found in my life that have meaning to me - it could be their shape or the way they feel when I hold them. I have a lava rock from the active volcano I climbed in Guatemala which reminds me that I’m brave.


I always say/think an intention or prayer to the Universe during the ceremony. Something like “Please release me from this bullshit feeling.” or “I will keep myself open to more ___ in my life and I keep myself open to the Universe.”


I believe in it. Seriously. I think that helps.


I do the work. I don’t just ask the Universe to give me a crap load of money & expect it to show up at my door while I binge on Netflix.


What are your own experiences with this? I’d love to hear if you have ever burned your writing in a ceremony & if so, what techniques did you use? 


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