The Mail Art Stories Project

Bold Moves Studio and Open Sky Stories

are collecting YOUR personal experiences to showcase a global connection.

What: Combining words and art to express our experiences during this global pandemic.


Mail Art is any art that is created with the intention of sending it through the mail (Note: the art is one the outside of the envelope). For this project, we are incorporating words in the art.


How: Decorate the outside of an envelope or create a postcard, using materials you have at home and send by postal service to either of us.


There are only 2 rules:

  1. You need to incorporate 3 words or phrases into your art submission. These words should reflect your experience amid covid-19. Examples: how you are feeling, your observations, how you have been impacted, etc.

  2. Your entry must be received through the postal services, not a private shipping company.


We also encourage you to include your contact information so that we can connect and share the final project with you. If you’d like to be recognized as a contributor, please include your name (full name, initials, first name etc) Sending in your piece gives us permission to exhibit it as part of the project, recognizing you as the creator.

Follow: Mail Art Stories is on Instagram! Follow us at @MailArtStories for update and inspiration!


A little more about Mail Art:


All mediums welcome, if you can mail it we’d love for it to be part of the project. You can use paint, doodles, sketches, photography, collage, crayons, markers, fibre art, recycled art, any medium or combination of mediums you have at home. (by using materials at home, you’ll limit your exposure plus it will demonstrate that we are limited in supplies during this time.) Decorate an envelope front or back, or both! Postcards can be created by a piece of cardboard (cereal box?) or canvas board. The ideas are limitless. If you can mail it, we’d love to include it!


If you are interested but need more inspiration Google mail art for some amazing examples! Some are quite simple and some very complex, but all are unique. You’ll see that just about anything goes and its great fun!


Who: Everyone! We welcome all age ranges from around the world. young children, teens, class of 2020 or 2021, seniors and everyone in between. You do not need to be an artist or a writer, just a human.  


Where: Everywhere! Global participation is encouraged. Submissions can be mailed to one of 2 locations; Open Sky Stories, Canada or Bold Moves Studio, USA. (see addresses below)


When: Now!  Get those creative juices flowing and have some fun! Entries are welcome from this day forward, with a deadline of August 14th, 2021. (Note: Depending on mail origin transit in the postal system(s) will vary, that’s fine, just try to mail by August 14th, 2021. If your country has shut its postal system down please contact us about sending it once the post is back up.)


Why: Humans are wired for connection. We have recorded our experiences through art and story since the very beginning of time. Creative expression supports our mental health and our healing journey.


We are living amidst a global pandemic like nothing we have seen since 1918. Many people are isolated and feeling alone or frustrated by the constant (and needed) cancellation of events and activities. Life is different right now and will most likely remain different for quite a while. Let’s create and document our experiences through art and story. No matter where we live or what is happening in our own lives, we have some commonalities and some differences in our experiences.

Next Steps: What will be done with all the Mail Art Stories? We're putting them in a book to be published! Stay tuned for more details.

Once you have submitted your Mail Art, help us write our book by completing this survey. 










Share your story with us through your mail art story entry.




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