an expressive self-care practice

Yoga at Home

Welcome to Nurture!

I am so glad you're here. This practice was a love-filled learning experience to create and much fun to record. All you have to do is click play on the videos below, in sequence, and your guided self-care practice will begin. 

Here's what you'll need:

  • notebook or something to write with

  • a  space you feel comfortable

  • comfortable clothes you can move freely in

  • something nice to drink

  • candles or incense, if it feels right

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Did you know, I offer an entire series of practices that follow this routine (body movement, affirmations, two writing activities, an invitation to make art). Find out more about Write Club Stories: click here.

Now..... let's get nurtured...

1. Introduction

2. Body Movements

3. Affirmations

4. Warm-up Write

5. 20-Minute Journaling

6. Art Invitation

7. Thank-you!

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