an expressive self-care practice

Yoga at Home

Welcome to Nurture!

I am so glad you're here. This practice was a love-filled learning experience to create and much fun to record. All you have to do is click play on the videos below, in sequence, and your guided self-care practice will begin. 

Here's what you'll need:

  • notebook or something to write with

  • a  space you feel comfortable

  • comfortable clothes you can move freely in

  • something nice to drink

  • candles or incense, if it feels right

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Did you know, I offer an entire series of practices that follow this routine (body movement, affirmations, two writing activities, an invitation to make art). If you want to be notified when registration opens for the next Write Club Stories, click here.

Now..... let's get nurtured...

1. Introduction

2. Body Movements

3. Affirmations

4. Warm-up Write

5. 20-Minute Journaling

6. Art Invitation

7. Thank-you!

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