I wrote this story based on my own experience living with anxiety. For the longest time, no one knew what was wrong with me. Test after test came back negative but my symptoms were very real. The best way I could describe how I felt was that it was like I'd swallowed a swarm of angry bees and they were buzzing through my body, all day and night.


This story helped me process what was happening to me. It was, and is, a part of my healing.


Local artist, Brooklin Holbrough, brought my words to life with her incredible illustrations.


To those who have felt the buzzing of the bees,

I see you.

Once upon a time Pixie inadvertently swallowed a swarm of angry bees. She tried everything to get them to leave but they hung on tight and filled her entire body with buzzing. No one else could see or hear or feel them and they could not understand what was wrong or how to help. Pixie was alone in her pain until one day...


I felt like it was written for me, it spoke right to my heart.

If you’ve ever lived with an invisible illness, as many of us have, you will understand why I instantly fell in love with this book.

This book is excellent for helping kids (and adults) to recognize that anxiety can present itself in many ways, and it's so painful and frustrating when no one else can see what's happening in your body. I recommend this for anyone who knows a child who struggles with anxiety as it helps to demonstrate that the anxiety isn't who they are, its something that they experience, and there's hope to feel better!

...a by-product of your book is that in helping yourself you will be helping others.

Erica's capacity for story telling combined with the beautiful imagery by Brooklin define this as a classic in the making.

Thank you for helping explain how I feel sometimes. I couldn't explain it myself but the buzzing of the bees sure did.