The Energy and Stories of Inanimate Objects

Updated: Jul 4

I believe that objects hold energy and stories.

I work at a thrift store and absolutely love opening boxes and boxes of treasures every day. I love that every object we receive comes with a past story. And I love when someone finds them and they get to begin the next chapter of their story.

A couple months ago, an elderly woman came into the store. She asked me what the process is for donating items.

"You see, I'm going to die soon and I want to make it as easy as possible for my children."

We ended up chatting for close to an hour. She told me all about her kids and grandkids. Through her stories, she shared her love and devotion for them, even when she didn't quite understand them.

Later that day, she came back with a couple of boxes.

"I really don't need all of my dishes; just one cup, one plate, one bowl..."

She'd packed up all of her extra dishes and brought them to us.

We chatted some more.

Before I left that day, I purchased a teacup from her box of belongings and brought it home.

There's a good chance that I'll never see her again but her story will remain with me. I'll think of her every time I sip tea from this very special cup and I'll add my own energy to this new chapter of its life.

Do you see the stories in objects around you? What do they say? How are you adding to their current chapter?

PS - the gorgeous teapot was a Christmas gift from my parents who had never seen my teacup but found the perfect match. They've become fast friends already and have started the first chapter of their life together.

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