Roadmap Stories

Updated: Jul 4

I love using paper roadmaps when traveling. I love filling them up with ink and coffee stains until they can tell my journey themselves. I also love using a roadmap strategy when story writing.

Whether you’re writing something that really happened or creating fiction, here are a few suggestion on writing your story as a road map.

  1. Where will your story start? Plot it down. You can also plot your ending point, although that’s not necessary. Sometimes I have no idea where the story will end.

  2. Will your story include side-trips? Perhaps the hometown of another character?

  3. What about detours or speed bumps? What challenges will your character come across?

  4. Is there anyone else in the car? Perhaps you pick people up and drop them off along the way. Whose voices will you include in your story?

  5. What’s happening out the window? Be descriptive. Are there lots of other people or long stretches of fields? Perhaps you pass an accident or marching band?

  6. What is the soundtrack to your story? Can you hear a slow and mournful lament in the background or something with a little more pep?

  7. I think every road trip should have snacks, don’t you? This one is less about the story and more about the writing - grab a bag of chips and start your mapping!

Tell me your roadmap story!

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