Why I write.

If you search, ‘benefits of writing’ you will find hundreds of answers, ranging from spiritual to physical benefits. These are my own top three reasons that I make writing a daily practice in my life. They are all backed up in research and if that's your thing, head to google. Personally, I know them to be true because I feel them and that's all the science I need.

Writing clears your mind

When you spend 15-30 minutes writing down anything that pops in your head, you are clearing space. Without all those thoughts in the back of your mind distracting you, you will find it easier to focus on daily tasks and work. Plus clearer thinking allows you to make better choices.

Writing reduces your stress

Writing about stressful situations can help you manage them in healthy ways. It can help us remain present while keeping perspective. If you write regularly you can track your stressors and triggers and learn better ways to manage them. Writing about positive emotions is also highly effective in reducing stress and anxiety. This can be in the form of daily affirmations or positive self-talk or even just describing happy moments.

Writing helps you make sense of your life

For me, I think the key is not to try too hard with this. I write first and look for patterns later. If you keep writing about your thoughts, you will never lose sight of what you want to achieve. Your dreams will come alive on paper. Even writing fiction will help you analyze things and look at them from a different point of view. Plus if you write each day, you will have a historical record of your thoughts, probably something much more interesting than a simple photo album.

Do any of these resonate with you? What are your top three reasons for writing? Let me know!